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Team Management

At BPS Consulting we hold the view that a team of people who relate well to one another will produce results. Sometimes this can occur naturally, but most often some assistance is required to produce high levels of team performance. There needs to be good understanding and balance between the needs of individuals, the team in which they operate, and the alignment of the team to assist the company to achieve its strategic intent.

We do not believe in ‘team workshops for the sake of the exercise’. Our experience is that leaders and teams derive a strong sense of confidence, superior understanding and most importantly, a set of highly focussed business action plans as a result of our team management service.

The most typical manner in which clients prefer to receive this service is in the form of a workshop. The objectives for any workshop need to be agreed with the client and his/her management team prior to the decision to move ahead.

Typical Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn more about work preferences and styles of team members;
  • Learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of the team;
  • Identify the expectations the team has of the leader;
  • Identify the expectations the leader has of the team;
  • Negotiate and agree what both parties intend to provide in return to each other;
  • Analyse and critique the company business strategy and associated goals;
  • Identify any barriers in the way of the team achieving its business goals;
  • Identify ways to overcome these barriers and commit to plans of action to ensure they are permanently overcome.

The Team Management Index

The workshop would be based upon the use of a psychological instrument – the Margerison-McCann Team Management Index (TMI). This is a psychological instrument and not a psychological test. It measures peoples’ work preferences based upon a correlation between ‘types of work’ and ‘personality type’. This instrument was created in Australia and has been used widely around the world.

More information about this instrument is to be found at www.tms.com.au BPS Consulting can be found on this website as an accredited provider of a suite of TMS instruments.

Team Management Outcomes:

Many of the objectives listed above are achieved at the workshop. All team participants will assess the achievement of other stated objectives via implementation of agreed workshop outcomes on the job.

Why not give us a call at BPS to discuss in confidence how your team is performing? As a team leader, or a team member, how confident are you that you are getting the best from your team?